AIAD - Federazione Aziende Italiane per L'Aereospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza


AEDEF Società consortile a r.l.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


  • Company Dimension


  • Share capital

    € 20.000

  • President

    Andrea TANZI

  • Vice Presidente

    Romina SAMBUCCI

  • Technical Director

    Francesco ABBATI


AEDEF is a limited liability consortium established by Aicom SpA, Studio Amati Srl and Ghea Srl, three private engineering companies qualified in the field of Defence infrastructures, with significant experiences in Italy and abroad.

The company has been created to support players from Defence sector, both from public and private industry, for their infrastructures through the engineering, architecture, project and construction management state of the art.

The purpose of AEDEF is to generate a shared governance organization to manage commercial, contractual, relational and planning processes, strengthening the shareholder market positioning and establishing itself as a benchmark in the sector.

The three founding members represents high skilled players in Defence and who have proven in recent years to be able to collaborate efficiently and with mutual satisfaction.

An essential added value is the opportunity of sharing capabilities and references: this allows AEDEF to improve the value proposition and its competitive advantage, and to expand the current presences. For more than a decade the sector of Defence has been one of the core businesses of the members, to whom investments has been addressed in terms both of professionalism and capabilities to meet specific requirements from the Clients, according with the infrastructural development plans within the sector.


AEDEF is able to manage with competence every multidisciplinary engineering process for Defence infrastructures, by integrating any required discipline and tailor-making its technical offer in compliance with the national and international best practices.

The management of a critical infrastructure process needs a specific complementary function to the supply of the industrial product able to follow its lifecycle, starting from the offering through design, testing and even beyond, to ensure that all the quality standard and temporal requirements are respected and all the regulatory provisions are observed.



Architecture and urban planning

Civil and structural engineering

HVAC Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Security design and Advisory

BIM Management

Project Management

Construction Management

Environment, Geology, Geotechnical


General Management


Feasibility Study

Public and private tender

Supervision of works

Construction site safety

Quality Management and Cost Control

Fire prevention

Environmental Certifications: LEED, WELL, CAM, BREAM

Standard: Norma ISO 9001:2015

Entity: IMQ

Issue/Revision Date: : June 2019

Standard: Norma ISO 27001:2013

Entity: IMQ

Issue/Revision Date: : June 2019

Standard: Norma ISO 28000:2007

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Issue/Revision Date: : July 2019

Standard: Norma ISO 31000:2018

Entity: IMQ

Issue/Revision Date: : July 2020

Standard: Norma ISO 14001:2015

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Issue/Revision Date: : February 2022

Standard: Norma ISO 45001:2018

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Issue/Revision Date: : February 2022

Standard: Norma UNI PdR 74:2019

Entity: ICMQ

Issue/Revision Date: : July 2021

  • security-related consultancy services