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STAM S.r.l.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


  • Company Dimension


  • Share capital

    € 100,000 f.p.

  • CEO

    Stefania AMADIO

  • Executive Director

    Stefano CAROSIO

  • R&D Manager

    Roberto LANDO'

  • CTO

    Umberto BATTISTA


  • Headquarter

    Piazza della Vittoria 14/11

    Genova (GE) 16121


  • Telephone +39 010 3694967
  • Other Locations
  • Operative Office Genova

    Via Pareto, 8 ar Genova (GE) 16129 Italy

    T: +39 010 3694967

  • Roma

    Via Francesco Antolisei, 6 Roma (RM) 00173 Italia

    T: +39 366 1231794

  • Cagliari

    Strada Statale Sulcitana, 195 Cagliari (CA) 09123 Italy

    T: +39 070 92432955

  • Bari

    Via delle Dalie, Zona Industriale Modugno (BA) 70026 Italy

STAM is an engineering company that support private and public clients, leveraging on a multidisciplinary expertise and hands-on experience across four main industrial domains, namely Space and Defence, Industry, Energy and sustainability, Security and Transport.

The company collaborates with a wide network of partners in several large research and innovation projects supported by the European Commission.

The company was founded in 1997, thanks to the seed funding provided by the Technology Transfer Programme of the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an innovative gearbox system.

Since then the company has been successfully collaborating within ESA programmes in the development of devices for soil investigation, servo-actuators, hermetic sealing systems and test rigs. In the recent years, Stam has been involved in several initiatives within the ESA Clean Space framework and YGT feasibility study within TEC- MSM. Mr Franco Malerba, first Italian astronaut, is our Scientific Advisor and Business Coach.

In the defence sector, Stam has contributed to projects in the fields of textile for defence, maritime surveillance, strategic command and control and counter-drone systems, in particular within the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP), collaborating with key EU players in the field.

Stam has been very active in technology transfer and dual-use technology development and operates today in a broad range of sectors beyond space and defence, including security and transport, industry and robotics, energy and environment.

For instance, the company has been developing solutions for risk assessment and resilience against terrorist threats and attacks in a wide range of application scenarios including critical infrastructures and soft targets.

Stam has been strongly committed to improve its products and foster its know-how and has matured more than twenty years of experience in international collaborative R&D projects, in particular those funded by the European Commission within its Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation. Thanks to its portfolio of EU R&D projects, Stam has established strong collaborations and partnerships with 700+ international companies and research institutions in the space, defence and security fields.

Stam is a key member of the following clusters and institutions:

  • START 4.0, the Italian Competence Centre for the Security and Optimization of Strategic Infrastructures, funded by the Ministry of Economic
  • CBRN-P3, the Italian technological, industrial and institutional cluster focused on prevention and protection of the citizens and the environment from CBRN
  • Istituto Affari Internazionali, a non-profit think tank focused on international issues in defence, security, economy and foreign
  • SOSIA, the Ligurian R&D cluster focused on systems engineering, cyber-physical security and intelligent

Since its establishment in 1997, the main mission of the company has been to provide high-tech engineering services to industries. Stam can provide the following products, capabilities and expertise in the space, defence and security field:

  • Decision-support tools based on quantitative risk assessment for situational awareness, prevention and mitigation of attacks to critical infrastructures and soft targets, based on modular architectures and interactive UI, to support operational and strategic
  • Agent-based modelling for mission planning and what-if scenarios, to assess impacts, identify weak points and possible improvements to operations, develop and test
  • Analysis and simulation of blast effects and consequences to structures and
  • C-UAS Systems: net-based systems for drones capturing developed for the ESA and the
  • Advanced robotics and automation solutions, including control systems based on data or physical modelling, monitoring and data processing
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques, based on neural networks, for correlation, classification, identification and
  • Hyperspectral Imaging: NIR-LWIR spectroscopy and algorithms for remote real-time classification and
  • Energy Systems: bio-based systems for fuel production; passive trackers for energy production in remote

Stam has patented several devices, like transmissions and manufacturing machinery, and is experienced in design and integration of system mechatronics. Stam performs all stages of the product design cycle, from conception through validation, to component and subsystem design and specification, down to the definition of tools and production cycles.

Stam invests a significant part of its turnover in R&D, thus providing their customers with most qualified and edging competencies to drive development based on availability and affordability of technological trends. Stam owns the following patents, born and/or applied in the space field:

  • ITSV20000049A1 “Nutating bevel gears based gearbox”.
  • ITRM20060609A1 “Equipment for the modelling of products in particular products that can be shaped to prevailing extension on a particular floor textile products and control system of the same”.
  • EP2975296A2 “Planetary Gearbox based on Tilted Bevel Gears with Two Reduction Stages for Very High Gear Ratios”.
  • EP3381637B1 “Apparatus for modelling products”

Today Stam is a successful high-tech company, offering engineering services and products in a number of market sectors including: space and defence, automation and robotics, security and transport, energy and environment.

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