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CBMC – documents

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From this section you can download the Committee’ documents and forms.

The procedures in original duly signed for approval are available from the CBMC Secretariat.

For further information please contact the CBMC Secretariat.

For any complaints/appeals please refer to AIAD/CBMC/001 procedure par. 10.6 .


Aerospace Series – QMS

Aerospace QMS Certification/Accreditation Program Requirements

AIAD QC 9104 Ed.2.pdf (200 Kb) CANCELLED  –  Ref. to UNI EN 9104-001


Aerospace Sector Certification Scheme – Operating Procedure

AIAD/CBMC/001 Ed. 25  dated 30 April 2020 (pdf, 1642 Kb)


Authentication process for the Aerospace Auditors and Aerospace Experienced Auditors

AIAD/AAB/001 Ed. 11 dated 31 March 2019 (pdf, 191 Kb)


European Surveillance Function for Aerospace Manufacturer QS Certification Scheme

AIAD QC 24653 Ed.2  (pdf, 129 Kb) CANCELLED – Ref. to EN 9104-002


Document Management Procedure for the Aerospace Sector Certification Scheme

AIAD/CBMC/002 Ed.7  dated 31 January 2019 (pdf, 102 Kb)


General list of AIAD – CBMC documents and related bodies

AIAD/CBMC/002 Attach. A Rev. 3 dated 17 June 2020 (pdf, 303 Kb)


Training Providers (TP) Approval Process

AIAD/TPAB/001 Ed. 8 dated 27 Mach 2020 (pdf, 714 Kb)


AIAD Information for Auditors

Information for Auditors – Ex Art. 13 REG.UE N. 679/2016 (G.D.P.R.) (Italian version, pdf, 101 KB)


Aerospace Auditor Authentication Application Form

AIAD/AAB/001 Attach. A Rev. 8 (doc, 796 Kb)


Aerospace Auditor Re-Authentication Form

AIAD/AAB/001 Attach. F. Rev. 6 (doc, 132 Kb)


Audit Log Form

AIAD/AAB/001 Attach. B. Rev. 5 (pdf, 701 Kb)


Training Course Change/Variation Request Form

AIAD/TPAB/001 Attach. C Rev. 2  (pdf, 110 Kb)


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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)