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MoU Agreements

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Since 1997, the AIAD has signed more than 20 MoU agreements with several countries and organizations, European and non-European, which provide for mutual commitment in order to encourage any initiative aimed at implementing cooperation and improving their technological and industrial capabilities.

In detail, the documents signed by the President or the Secretary General of the Federation, have in common the exchange of information and/or experiences of mutual interest, the assumption of joint positions to be presented in the high-level European, international or any third parties in the matters covered by the agreement, the expansion of procurement and the conclusion of trade agreements that are of interest to their respective Members.

For any information please refer to the AIAD Secretary General PA.


Protocol of Agreement, Korea Defence Industry Association – KDIA, April 1997

Memorandum of Understanding, Australian Industry Defence Network – AIDN, April 1997

Memorandum of Understanding, Ministry for Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany, Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland,  Ministry for Defence of the Republic of France, 1998

Protocol of Agreement, Arab Republic of Egypt – ARE, National Organization for Military Production – NOMP, Arab Organization for Industrialization – AOI, March 1998

Memorandum of Understanding, Aerospace Industries Association of Canada – AIAC, May 1998

Understanding, Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia – AMIM, Malaysian Aerospace Industries Association – MAIA, November 2001

Memorandum of Understanding, Government of the Russian Federation, July 2002

Protocol of Agreement, Arab Republic of Egypt – ARE, National Organization for Military Production – NOMP, Arab Organization for Industrialization – AOI, September 2002

Memorandum of Understanding, Russian Aviation and Space Agency – ROSAVIAKOSMOS, March 2003

Joint Working Group, Malaysian Defence Industry Division, September 2000 and March 2004

Terms of Reference, National Defence Industrial Association – NDIA (U.S.A.), March 2004

Letter of Intent, Industrial Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemyslu SA) (Poland), September 2005

Memorandum of Understanding, Confederation of Indian Industry – CII, February 2006

Protocol of Agreement, Associacao das empresas de Defesa, Armamento e Novas Tecnologias de Portugal – DANOTEC, April 2006

Protocol of Agreement, Bulgarian Defence Industry Association – BDIA, July 2007

Memorandum of Understanding, Defence Manufacturers Association – DMA (U.S.A.), July 2008

Memorandum di Intesa, ACCREDIA – National Accreditation System (formerly SINCERT), October 2009

Memorandum of Understanding, Union of Aviation Industry – UAI (Russia), December 2009

Memorandum of Understanding, ADS Group LTD (UK), July 2010

Memorandum of Understanding, Federation of German Security and Defence Industries Association – BDSV, December 2011

Letter of Intent, Defence Industry Manufacturers Association – SaSaD (Turchia), January 2012

Memorandum of Understanding, Malaysian Defence and Security Technology Park, April 2012

Memorandum of Understanding, ACCREDIA – National Accreditation System, May 2012

Memorandum of Understanding, Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS), September 2012

Agreement, OSDIFE – Security and Defense Observatory CBRNe, November 2012

Memorandum of Understanding, ABIMDE – Associaçao Brasileira das Indùstrias de Materias de Defesa e Segurança, April 2013

Memorandum of Understanding, AERO MONTREAL – Québec Aerospace Cluster, July 2014

Memorandum of Understanding, AFDA – Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries, September 2015

Memorandum of Understanding, AIG – Australian Industry Group, February 2017

Memorandum of Understanding, AIDN – Australian Industry Defence Network, February 2017



This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)