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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


  • Company Dimension


  • Share capital

    € 10.000

  • Chairman

    Mark GRAPER

  • CEO

    Stefano AGOSTINI

  • Deputy Chairman

    Martyn ARMSTRONG


Cubic is a global provider of integrated systems and services that increase situational awareness for defense and transportation customers worldwide.

Founded in 1951; Public since 1959; Cubic has approximately 8,000 employees,  Sales $1.48 billion and

a Backlog $3.6 billion, with a presence in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

Cubic Corporation is made up of Transportation, Mission Solution and Defense.

The mission for Cubic Mission Solutions is to provide portable, ruggedized communication and tactical network capabilities for our customers to conduct missions in an effective and secure manner “at the edge.”  Defense, Intelligence and commercial clients can have cost-effective training, holistic solutions for tactical and secure communications, while the operators can reach interoperable, portable, ruggedized equipment that provides information capture and assessment in a secure network-centric environment.

Trasportation: the mission is to provide essential information and payments capability to allow agencies, operators and patrons to increase efficiency and reduce congestion. Thanking to CTS solutions the regional planning agencies have a better capacity utilization; operators can optimize supply and demand; end customers/travelers have personalized, predictive  journey info.

Finally, the mission of CGD is to provide mission-critical information to improve and sustain combat readiness of U.S. and partner nations’ militaries worldwide.

Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) provides end-to-end Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions for defense, intelligence, security and commercial missions.


  • Improving intelligence at the edge with access to real-time full motion video via cloud-based software that pairs video with geospatial and user-added context.
  • Ensuring consistent connectivity across assets and teams with modular, man-portable communications products, high-speed data links and signal intelligence products.
  • Setting a new standard for portability in Satellite Communication (SATCOM) terminals with tough but lightweight antennas that provide 85% reduction in logistical size and weight compared to traditional systems.
  • Enabling communication between secure and unsecure networks through scalable cross-domain transfer solutions.

Defense Training:

  • Installed/delivered/fielded hundreds of thousands of pieces of training and instrumentation kit worldwide.
  • Emerging market leader for immersive game-based training.
  • Leading provider of highly specialized support services    for military and security forces of the U.S. and allied nations.

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) is a leading provider of integrated payment and information and information systems across all modes of transport. Over 450 Operators Serviced through 20 regional back offices:

  • 38 million people a day use Cubic’s technology when they travel
  • 24 billion transactions per year
  • 7 billion passengers annually
  • $18 billion in revenues collected annually
  • Over 130,000 devices installed

Standard: Norma UNI ISO 9001

Entity: Perry Johnson Registrars Inc.

Issue/Revision Date: : 25 March 2020

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