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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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    € 20,000.00 f.p.

  • CEO and Board Member

    Ernesto MONTALDO

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    Chiara PETRIOLI

  • Chairman of The Board of Directors, Legal Representative

    Salvatore SARDO


WSense Srl, born as a spin-off of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, is an SME that provides products and services for “turnkey” solutions of innovative systems of which it develops all the components: sensor and network nodes , submarine modems, communication protocols, data analysis algorithms, software for system monitoring and management, systems for data integration, analysis and presentation.

WSense underwater networking solutions are used in several international offshore campaigns.

After developing intellectual property, since 2017 WSense srl is on the terrestrial and underwater IoT market, with wireless monitoring solutions for both marine and terrestrial environments.

In just over a year, the company is grown from 3 to 23 employees.

Since the autumn of 2017 WSENSE Srl is the only Italian company in the Marine Robotic Innovation Hub, an initiative of the National Oceanography Center in Southampton, the Oceanographic Center of recognized international excellence.

Since the end of 2017, Wsense has been present on the English market through the subsidiary Wsense Ltd of which it holds 100% of the shares, thus initiating an internationalization process. Since 2019 it has also been active with its subsidiary W-Sense AS in Norway.

Currently the company is engaged in projects that concern the following markets: defense, environment, oil & gas, aquaculture and underwater archeology, where it has obtained multi- year contracts for around five million euros.

WSense Srl is a pioneer of underwater networks and the Internet of Underwater Things. It was selected by the European Commission among the thirty highly innovative companies in the Blue Economy, and as a successful Scale Up case of the European Enterprise Networks.

Wsense has created and developed:

  • an innovative method for automating the communication process between the nodes of an underwater network and the corresponding device;
  • an innovative method for controlling the routing and re-transmission of a node of an underwater network and the corresponding

In order to protect the Inventions, WS has filed several industrial property rights and it is patent holder for the European patent application no. EP16081571.7 del 14.10.2016 (Italian Patent no. IT102015000062624 with the right of priority and related PCT/IB2016/056164 on 14.10.2016 ) ,named “Metodo e dispositivo per selezionare dinamicamente ed in modo autonomo nel tempo, la migliore soluzione da usare per la comunicazione fra i diversi nodi di una rete di sensori sottomarina, al fine di adattarsi automaticamente alle condizioni mutevoli dell’ambiente sottomarino [POLICY-MAC]”, and for the European patent N. 3289799 granted on 27.11.19 (application no. EP16801572.5 on 14.10.2016) with right of priority, named “Metodo per gestire in modo adattivo e congiunto la politica di instradamento e la politica di ritrasmissione di un nodo in una rete sottomarina, ed i mezzi per la sua attuazione [CARMA] .

WSENSE Srl participated in the NIAG 190 (NATO Industry Advisory Group 190) on the evolution of the nascent JANUS standard for submarine communication and was Editor for the Networked Scenarios of the NIAG190. It is currently involved in the NIAG SG 243 study on submarine secure communications.

Finally, WSense’s international excellence in the sector is supported by the regular presence of the leadership of WSENSE Srl as a testimonial for international innovation events: Investments, Financial Instruments and Growth (Brussels 2017); World Maritime Day (Thessaloniki, 2017); BlueMed (Malta, 2017); EU Marine Robotics and Applications (Girona, 2017); TeDX Lecce (Lecce, 2017); Oceanology International (London, 2018), EASME Info Day, as coordinator of a successful project (Brussels, 2018), NASF (Bergen, 2018), Our Crowd Summit (Jerusalem, 2019), EASME Info Day, as a case study of success (Brussels, 2019), GroundBreaker Conference (Rome, 2019).

Controlled company WSENSE LTD London UK
Controlled company W-SENSE AS Bergen Norway
  • ICT
  • printed circuit boards
  • analog and on-off sensor
  • underwater
  • for UAV