AIAD - Federazione Aziende Italiane per L'Aereospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza

Who we are

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AIAD is the Federation, member of Confindustria, that represents the Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defence and Security.

It includes almost all the national enterprises that operate with advanced technology in the design, production, research and services activities for the civil and military aerospace, military navy and army sectors along with all the related electronic systems connected to these sectors. AIAD maintains strong relationships with national, international or NATO related institutions in order to promote, represent and guarantee the interests of all its industries.
On this subject, significant action has implemented by NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group) thanks to its expertise.

As representative of the Italian Industry, it is a member of the equivalent European Association (ASD). In this context it acts as the point of reference for all the national and foreign institutions for the coordination of all those activities in which there is a need to represent the sector’s national interest.

It draws and submits reports together with industrial positions to the different government bodies and to any other foreign institutional organization.

AIAD provides a significant contribution to the development of the sector’s plans that will be developed by the Defence bodies and/or other Government Administrations that deal with research or innovation, procedure, technical and contract guidelines.

There is a strong cooperation with the Administration, the Secretariat General of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economical Development, University and Scientific Research or other bodies and institutions such as ENAC, ASI, CNR, etc.

It is operative a subsidiary branch of AIAD to ICE-Agency, Rome office, with the aim to monitor and coordinate the business internationalization activities in the areas of competence.

The Federation coordinates a variety of work groups in national and international sectors, it promotes the organization of seminars and congresses events and it collects statistical reports on the performance of the main economical indicators. Furthermore AIAD is the actor of the intensive promotional activities abroad, both to coordinate the Italian participations to the most important international events and to organize and direct not only the mission of our enterprises abroad but also the visits of foreign delegations in Italy.

AIAD provides support to the legislative and training activities through UNAVIA but is also a promoter member of the Italian Cluster for Aerospace Technology – CTNA.

Also ANPAM National Association of Manufacturers of Firearms and Ammunition for Sport and Civil Uses and ASAS Association for Space-based Applications and Services are members of AIAD.


This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)