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ICE Italian Trade Promotion Agency

ICE Italian Trade Promotion Agency

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Italian Trade Promotion Agency


President                                                                                                                            Carlo Maria FERRO

CEO & Managing Director                                                                                              Roberto LUONGO

Director of Office of Industrial Technologies, Energy and Enviroment              Antonio LUCARELLI

AIAD Representative at ICE-Agency (Rome Office)                                                Micaela CORDOVA


The ICE-Italian Trade Promotion Agency is the government organisation wich promotes the internationalisation of the italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

ICE provides information, support and advice to italian and foreign companies.

In addition to its Rome headquarters, ICE operates worldwide through a large network of Trade Promotion Offices linked to italian embassies and consulates and working closely with local authorities and businesses.

ICE provides a wide range of services abroad helping Italian and foreign businesses to connect with each other:

  • identification of possible business partners
  • bilateral trade meetings with italian companies
  • trade delegation visits to Italy
  • official participation in local fairs and exhibitions
  • forums and seminars with italian experts


00144 Rome (RM) – Via Liszt, 21

Tel. +39 06 59921

Web Site:



This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)